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Friday, December 07, 2012

2012 ~ Maui

Maui ~ (they say it is paradise in Hawaii ~ I believe it!!)

**Now I can cross these off the bucket list ~ 
  • visit Hawaii
  • paddle board
  • snorkel
  • zipline
  • attend luau
  • drive the road to Hana

Tuesday, 10/2 ~ We arrived in Maui ~ after flying from SEATAC in Seattle (photo of Mt. Ranier ~ above the clouds).  Unfortunately, after 2-1/2 hours flying, the pilot announced a hydraulic problem forcing us to return to SEATAC.  We waited in the airport for three hours ~ then restarted our six hour flight.  Darlene and I picked up the rental car at Advantage, drove to Safeway for a few groceries, and arrived at the condo very late.  Tammy and Patti had picked up the other rental car.  Jeanne and Gaye arrived from California on a different flight and were already in bed.

Wednesday, 10/3 ~ We began our first full day with another trip to Safeway for more groceries, to the ABC store (there is an ABC store on every corner in Maui), and then to Boss Frog’s to rent snorkel and fins.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing around one of the three condo pools, and making Kahlua for all of us.  Plus a short walk from the condo down to the ocean to see a huge turtle, common in these waters.

Thursday, 10/4 ~ We went snorkeling (my first experience at this)(I also found out how easy it is to get sunburned while snorkeling!!), swam in the condo pool, walked around Lahaina (definitely a tourist town).  We went into Lahaina Galleries, saw Red Skeleton's painting “Red painting Red painting Red" ~ or "Red's triple self portrait"...shown on line for $2400.  

Another gallery that was interesting was Higgins Harte International which housed paintings by Anthony Hopkins. 

For dinner we ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise (originally thought it was owned by Jimmy Buffet, but he evidently owns same name restaurants elsewhere). 

We went to the Cannery Shopping Mall to watch Polynesian dancers.

One of the young dancers gave me a lei after the event ~ a picture of me in the condo with the lei.

Friday, 10/5 ~ We took a boat tour on the Reef Dancer (glass bottom boat).   Pictured are Patti, Sharon, Jeanne, and Gaye after the tour.

Divers went in the ocean to find shell treasures to show all the tourists on the boat.

Next activity for the day was snorkeling on Black Rock Beach in Kaanapali ~ I had bought an underwater throwaway camera for this snorkeling trip and I was determined to get some good pictures.  The best one I got was of a huge turtle ~ this video (not one I took) shows how big they are ~ unfortunately I got caught up in a whirlpool with the turtle and it took me awhile to get out of his way ~ after I got a bruised knee from hitting his shell.

Friday night we drove into Wailuku for their street festival.  One of the most different thing I saw were these "potatoes on stick".

Saturday, 10/6 ~ We fixed breakfast for Gaye's birthday, spent a lot of time at the pool and playing cards.  In the evening we went to Outback Steakhouse.

Sunday, 10/7 ~ We went to the local craft fair (saw local flowers by No Ka Oi Protea Farm).  Then we took a drive/ride north beyond Kapalua, stopping at the Honolua store for lunch, then back to the condo pool and card playing.  Our rental car is on the left.

Mon, 10/8 ~ A slow down day for us ~ Jeanne and Gaye went on a helicopter ride while Darlene and I went to a fabric store and to Walmart for more supplies.

Tuesday, 10/9 ~ We went back to the Kahekili beach for snorkeling and later to the condo pool.

Wednesday, 10/10 ~ I drove the Road to Hana (with Jeanne, Gaye, and Patti ) (we bought the CD for the trip so we wouldn't miss any interesting spots).  Picture is of me beside the three bears waterfalls (one you can't see) .

This guy was beside the road selling huli huli chicken ~ very popular in Hawaii as noted here on the web. 

Black beach was incredibly different ~ black sand, black pebbles, and black rocks.  We walked through this cave to get to the water.  We drove into the  Haleakala National Park, and Patti and I swam in one of the Seven Pools.  

The scenery was fantastic ~ particularly the waterfalls and getting rained on in the rain forest seemed very appropriate.  Road to Hana is 52 miles, 620 curves and 59 one-lane bridges (that makes our day 104 miles 1240 curves and 118 one-lane bridges!!).  One of our first stops had this sign ~ "Warning ~ high surf ~ can cause serious injuries or drowning ~ If in doubt, don't go out".

 Patti and I were standing on dry sand and then ~ all of a sudden...

...I was missing a shoe and we had been slammed up against the retaining wall (well, maybe, not slammed ~ but gently pushed).  Two more waves later, I managed to get my shoe back, but in hindsight, I would never go near a beach with the "warning ~ high surf" sign again!!

This is Patti's take on high surf.

Thursday, 10/11 ~ I took one of a few early morning walks with Patti and Tammy to get coffee at the Maui Barista Coffee stand at the Whalers Village.  

Then Patti and I went ziplining (side-by-side ziplining, over two miles on four different ziplines, last one was one-half mile long ~ this is the largest zipline course and suspension bridge in the state). I took a short video and put it on YouTube of the half-mile zip.

Friday, 10/12 ~ We rented a paddle board (that was a fun experience ~ this site shows how to get started ~ something we didn't take advantage of, I'm afraid).  Picture shows Patti, Sharon, and Tammy carrying the board ~ that alone was no small feat ~ those things are heavy ~ but the three of us gave it our best shot.  Now I can say "I've done that".

In the afternoon and evening we spent more time in Laheina at Hilo Hatties store, the Laheina Town Party, and ate at Captain Jack’s Island Grill, then on to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream to top off the day.  I took this picture of an artist doing amazing paintings.

Saturday, 10/13 ~ We began the day with three of us walking to get coffee at Whalers Village.  Then we all went to the Maui Grown Coffee Store and then to the coffee plantation (this site has great pictures of the plantation, complete with music ~ interesting how they are selling acreage for building a home and running that portion of the plantation).  

Saturday evening we attended a luau (pictured are Jeanne, Gaye, and me) ~ how would a trip to Hawaii be complete without attending a luau ~ Old Lahaina Luau (the photos on the link are better than any that I could take ~ very realistic of the evening's entertaining which included free flowing liquor ~ my favorite was the Lava Flow).  They even have a live webcam ~ too bad Tony didn't know about this when I was there ~ he could have watched the same show we were watching!  The webcam should show the luau entertainment (beginning 5:15 HAST, 8:15 PST).

Sunday, 10/14 ~ We all went to the Maui Tropical Plantation on the Tropical Express (narrated tram tour, coconut husking demonstration), and then on to the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum, with lunch at the Beach Bum Bar and Grill (great video at the site).  We went back to Whaler's village in the evening to visit the whale museum, the IPU Craft Store, and Yogurtland.  

Several times we made use of the "free" the trolley back and forth from the village to the condo.

Monday, 10/15 ~ (Picture is one of the many panoramic shots I toke while in Maui.)  For our last day in paradise, we took a drive to Napili beach, spent time in the condo pool, and in the evening...

...we went to Lahaina for one last time and another ice cream cone at the Lahaina Ice Cream Parlour.  Our evening was spent playing cards, packing and getting rid of all the food and drinks we had left over.  (Pictured left to right ~ Jeanne, Darlene, Sharon, Gaye, Tammy, and Patti.)  
Tuesday, 10/16 ~ Darlene and I took Gaye and Jeanne to the airport.  We stopped along the way at the Japanese cemetery (can't find out why the cemeteries are so dull looking, and each stone has a plastic bottle with some liquid in it), Hilo Hatties and the Scenic View pullout we had never had time to stop at before.  Darlene and I went on to a shopping center for lunch and then returned the rental car.  We arrived in Seattle at 10:45 pm, and didn't get to the motel until 12:30 am (after gathering up luggage and locating the motel transportation).

Wednesday, 10/17 ~ We were up at 5:30 am, had breakfast at 6:00 in the motel; and on the road by 6:30.  I picked up my car at Bill's in the Tri-Cities (Thank you for storage space, Bill) and arrived home by by 1:30 pm ~ ready for a lot of catch up sleep.

We had a fantastic time ~ thanks to six women being very compatible and a special thanks to Darlene for making all the condo and car rental arrangements!!

A few more pictures caught of various birds on the island including this parrot tethered at the beach.

This guy on the Road to Hana, letting people get their pictures taken with the parrots all over, on, and around their head ~ $20.00 a shot.

...and a resident duck ~ but rather odd looking.

Pictures of trees on Maui ~ the fan trees were my favorite...

....these islanders must have a gardener to shape this tree...

...the rainbow tree...

....unusual root system on this tree...

...this palm tree blowing in the wind...

....and this tree taken high on the mountain while ziplining...

....and the famous Banyon tree that was planted in 1873, stands 60 feet high, has 12 major trunks, stretches over a 200 foot area and shades 2/3 of an acre.

And finally, a few shots of some of the flowers on the island.  The only time I saw orchids were at the Luau.  Not sure where all these are grown on the island.

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Anonymous Bert Upton said...

I'm so glad you got to go to Maui. Jerry and I went a couple of years ago, had a blast and can't wait to go back.

Hermosa, SD

9:18 PM  
Blogger Terry and JJ said...

I have to admit to being envious. That looked like a holiday in a million. Great piccies too.

1:39 AM  

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